Welcome to the New Mills Allotment & Gardening Society

 We’re lucky! We have two allotment sites being worked in New Mills.

The Society supports members in pursuit of their gardening activities fostering an awareness of the benefits of growing and eating fresh vegetables. Membership is open to any local resident who is interested in gardening, even if they do not wish to rent an allotment.

Our sites are off Ollersett Avenue and in a former paddock in Hague Bar.  The Ollersett Avenue site was set up in 2005 and has 31 plots. The Hague Bar site was set up in 2010 and has 23 plots.

We have a waiting list for both sites, but if you wish to be added to the list please contact the society.

Please see our gallery for photos of the sites and our magazine section to view copies of our newsletters.

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Open Day at the Ollersett Site, Saturday 9th July 2016 from 1pm to 4pm

New Mills Allotment and Gardening Society 2016 Open Day will take place on Saturday 9th July from 1.00 until 4.00 at the Ollersett site (postcode SK22 4LE – take the alley between 24 and 26 Ollersett Avenue)

Again this year the Open Day will coincide with New Mills High School ‘Gardens open for charity’ which is part of the National Gardens Scheme. On 9th July the School garden will be open from 10.00 until 4.30.

As usual there will be a range of activities on the Ollersett site and plotholders will be on hand to talk about their plots and what they are growing this year.  There will also be light refreshments at the Ollersett site whilst the School will serve sandwiches, cream teas and home made cakes.

Entrance at Ollersett is free – at the School it is £3/ adult and free for children.

Would you like to take on an allotment ?
We do have allotments available to rent from time to time.  If you are interested or would like to find out what commitment is involved please contact us.

Restoration of the Hague Bar site
The work carried out by Murphy on behalf of Network Rail was completed during November 2015. The footpath boundary was reinstated by Murphy with rabbit proof fencing, leaving the Society to complete the perimeter of plots 1-7. The weather was not kind but after a short delay, this was completed in February 2016, and each plot now has a rabbit proof gate as well. With materials donated by Murphy from the deconstruction of their compound, the manure and woodchip bays inside the gate were replaced and the edge of the plots 1 and 2 shored up. A wider reversing area for deliveries was also created. Plotholders are now busy developing their plots and for some, starting with a blank canvas is giving them the opportunity to creatively re-design their allotments.

To view photos of the disruption and restoration of the site Click here

The Open Day at our Ollersett Avenue site was held on Saturday 11th July 2015

Click here to view some photos of the event

We opened this first site off Ollersett Avenue on 1st May 2005.
Click here to view some photos of the site in 2005.

Visit by St George’s Primary School
All children from St George’s Primary made a visit to Ollersett Allotments on Thursday 21st May 2015. Infants visited in 2 groups in the morning and Juniors in 2 groups in the afternoon.  Click here for some pictures from the Infants’ visit.  As well as looking around at the different allotment plots some of the plotholders talked to the pupils about tools that we use, different crops that we grow and how we manage the site.  Many thanks to Jen Dale and Chris Moore who made star appearances displaying their lovely (and very productive) plots.

The Hague Bar site Open Day 2014 was held on Saturday 28th June 2014  

See photos of the event on our gallery page 

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